Java Programming – A Beginner’s Course

Java Programming - A Beginner's Course attempts to teach computer programming to the complete beginner. As such, it assumes you have no knowledge whatsoever about programming. Basic programming proficiency requires that you know, at least, the following language features: the primitive data types of the language (integer, floating-point, character, boolean); how to write input/output statements; how to write conditional statements (if, if...else); how to write looping statements (while, for); how to write methods and how to declare and use arrays. But, more importantly, you need to be able to write programs to solve problems using these features. This book explains all of the above in an easy, conversational style. One notable advantage of this book is that it is self-contained. Using the new Scanner class and printf, our programs are all written using standard Java. No special classes have to be provided to read primitive data types and print nicely formatted output.

Author: Noel Kalicharan

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