Java Power Reference: A Complete Searchable Resource on CD-ROM

Java ™ programmers have come to depend on the efficient quick-reference style of the bestselling Java in a Nutshell. Now David Flanagan and O'Reilly have taken the quick-reference style one step further with Java Power Reference: A Complete Searchable Resource on CD-ROM.As developers are well aware, the Java API is complex, and it has become even more so with the release of the Java 2 platform. The official online documentation is complete, but it can be difficult to navigate. That's where the Java Power Reference comes in. The CD-ROM contains a complete set of files (browsable using Netscape Navigator 4 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4) that present all of the packages and classes in Java 2. The CD includes synopses for:182 core and standard extensions packages3,900 public and protected classesUnlike the official documentation, the Java Power Reference groups methods functionally, providing a unique view of the functionality of the Java APIs. For example, property accessor methods, methods that implement the same interface, and methods that override the same superclass are displayed in separate groupings. There are other new features as well, including package summary listings, tables of inherited events, properties, and methods, and graphical hierarchy diagrams.The Java Power Reference is searchable, so you can type in the name of a Java class, method, or field and go directly to the page for that entity. Or, if there are multiple items with the same name, you get a list of the items, so you can view the one you are interested in. This searching capability makes it easy to find the information you need in the Java API.In addition to the CD-ROM, the package also contains a concise, printed overview of the newly released Java 2 platform. The Java Power Reference is a portable, easy-to-use resource that no Java developer should be without.

Author: David Flanagan

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