Java Modelling  and Simulation Beginner to Advance: Science and Engineering

This book is for developing software on core engineering problems of real system based on modeling and simulation of scientific and engineering experimental and real data. The book will teach you how to develop Java programs to predict materials properties, structure degradation, Optimize process or cost by linear programming, simulation of temperature distribution of a hot body, simulation of reactions in a reactor, movement of solidification front of a casting. The modeling and prediction are based on Genetic algorithm, Artificial Neural Network and Finite Element method. The book is for beginners to advance level to the students and professionals in science and engineering; Readers know how to build a mathematical modeling of a real problem in plant or engineering. They know how to develop a simulation of an actual engineering process and understand it, find what are the reactions actually occurring inside a reactor and how to control the process to maximize the product quality and output. The prerequisite of the book is not only for those who have knowledge Java programming but for also beginners who have urge to learn and develop.

Author: Subir Paul Rajkrishna Paul

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