Java Interview Questions: Java Programming Certification Review

The heavy integration and amount of technical knowlege required to master the Java programming language is staggering, and also makes software engineering job interviews a challenge. Now, for the first time, a world class Java programmer reveals his "secret handshake" solutions to Java programming interviews. Much more than a rehash of Sun Java documentation and trainig mateirals, and useless "soft skills" information, this book contains over 100 technical interview questions that are simply not explored, or not explored as clearly elewhere. From implementing basic programs to debugging the most involved problems, dozens of examples show you just how to respond to common Java interview questions. Key topics include: Objects, Methods, and OOP Threads, Hashing, and Processes Operator Overloading, Cloneing Pointers, Types, and Variables Casses, Lists, and Multithreading Everything a Java resource needs to know before an interview

Author: Terry Sanchez

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