Java Interview Guide: How to Build Confidence With a Solid Understanding of Core Java Principles

A technical interview can be a harrowing experience. You only have a short time to convince someone that you’re worth hiring, so you can’t afford to go to a job interview unprepared. Unfortunately, memorizing the answers to interview questions just doesn’t cut it. You need to understand the underlying concepts. This book is a comprehensive guide that will prepare you for a Java interview. I’ve conducted over 100 interviews at Fortune 500 companies and meticulously collected the most effective questions with simple, straightforward explanations. This book will teach you object-oriented concepts, data structures, design patterns, and algorithms in interview-sized chunks with over 150 corresponding questions. I promise that if you read it thoroughly, you will boost your confidence and your negotiating power. A technical interview is a rare opportunity to show potential employers what you’re worth. You owe it to yourself to read this guide and make the most of it!

Author: Anthony DePalma

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