Java For Newbies (For Newbs) (Volume 1)

Finally, a book that teaches how to program in Java in plain English! Let's face it most technical books are not fun to read. They scare away determined learners through tons of jargon, poor explanations, and uninspiring examples. If you want to learn the basics of Java programming language in a no-nonsense approach then Java for Newbies is what you’ve been dreaming of. It employs a clear and modular style for learning Java. You’ll learn Java programming concepts in a step-by-step detailed manner. This book is compatible with Java 8 and includes specific coding examples with thorough explanations. Zero computer science background needed–learn Java programming starting today… What’s inside? • How to quickly run your first Java program • Data types, operators, variables, access modifiers • Control flow, iteration • Classes, methods, objects, constructors • Object oriented programming, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces • Strings, Arrays, enums • Collections and Generics, Lambdas, JavaFX • End of chapter quizzes to reinforce concepts Table of Contents: 1. The fast guide to running your first java program 2. The insider guide to primitive types 3. Making a statement 4. Classes, Objects, and Methods, Oh My 5. Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Interfaces 6. Strings 7. Arrays 8. Collections and Generics 9. Lambdas 10. Java Classes

Author: Doug Purcell

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