Java EE 8 High Performance

Key FeaturesLearn how to write a EE applicaton with performances constraints (Service Level Agreement - SLA)Investigate and resolve JavaEE performance issues.How to get the crucial information to avoid bad performance surprises.Book DescriptionThe ease with which we write an application has been increasing, but with increasingly complex application come the need to address their performance. A balancing act between implementing complex applications easily and keeping its performance optimum is need of the hour. In this book we explore how to achieve this crucial balance while developing and deploying application with Java EE 8.The book starts with analyzing various specification of Java EE to identify those affecting performance adversely. We then move on to monitoring techniques to help us zero down on the metrics to be used that help in identifying the performance bottlenecks. Next we looks at techniques that help us achieve high performance: top down optimization, scaling, and caching. We will also look at fault tolerance solutions and the importance of logging. Lastly, you will learn to benchmark your application and also implement solutions for continuous performance evaluation.By the end of the book you will gain insight into the various techniques and solutions that will help create high performance application in Java EE 8 environment.What you will learnIdentify performance bottleneck in an application.Locate application hotspots using setup tools.Understand the work done under the cover by the EE container and its impact on performancesIdentify the common optimization patterns related to JavaEE applications.Implement transparent (technical) and business caching on your application.Extract more information from your application using JavaEE without modifying existing code.Ensure constant performance of application and eliminate regression.

Author: Romain Manni-Bucau

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