Tera-Tom Genius Series – Oracle SQL

Tera-Tom Genius Series – Oracle SQL

Oracle is one of the most popular database in the world. This incredible database is designed for on-premises systems and the cloud. Learning Oracle SQL is a great opportunity for you to access cutting edge technology. Tera-Tom Coffing and Leona Coffing have written a brilliant book that teaches readers the basics to advanced queries of Oracle SQL. This book is perfect for anyone who needs to write Oracle SQL. The book educates readers with over 600 pages of SQL examples and explanations, plus provides clever tricks and examples to provide an expert level of learning. The Authors Tera-Tom Coffing, who has written over 75 successful books on Data Warehousing and Leona Coffing, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Coffing Data Warehousing bring a combined 40 years of experience of data warehouse knowledge to create this must have book.

Author: Tom Coffing

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