Java Concise Reference Series: JDBC And XML

Supporting all versions of Java up to version 7, The Java Concise Reference Series provides the most comprehensive treatment of Java Development Kit classes. Full, API level documentation is provided for the most common classes and interfaces used by software engineers. This multi-part set is intended to be the one that sits on your desk at all times. In this volume, JDBC and XML, you will find an exhaustive reference for the data access and manipulation packages. These inlcude classes and interfaces for generic database access using JDBC, XML parsing, XPATH, SOAP, RMI, JNDI, JAXP, SAX and DOM. Some of the primary packages include: java.sql, javax.naming, java.rmi, javax.xml.soap, org.xml.sax, javax.xml.xpath, org.w3c.dom and javax.jws.

Author: Christopher Traynor

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