Java Illuminated: An Active Learning Approach

Java Illuminated: An Active Learning Approach

With a variety of interactive learning features and user-friendly pedagogy, the Third Edition provides a comprehensive introduction to programming using the most current version of Java. Throughout the text the authors incorporate an “active learning approach” which asks students to take an active role in their understanding of the language through the use of numerous interactive examples, exercises, and projects. Object-oriented programming concepts are developed progressively and reinforced through numerous Programming Activities, allowing students to fully understand and implement both basic and sophisticated techniques. In response to students growing interest in animation and visualization the text includes techniques for producing graphical output and animations beginning in Chapter 4 with applets and continuing throughout the text. You will find Java Illuminated, Third Edition comprehensive and user-friendly. Students will find it exciting to delve into the world of programming with hands-on, real-world applications! New to the Third Edition: -Includes NEW examples and projects throughout -Every NEW copy of the text includes a CD-ROM with the following: *programming activity framework code *full example code from each chapter *browser-based modules with visual step-by-step demonstrations of code execution *links to popular integrated development environments and the Java Standard Edition JDK -Every new copy includes full student access to TuringsCraft Custome CodeLab. Customized to match the organization of this textbook, CodeLab provides over 300 short hands-on programming exercises with immediate feedback. Instructor Resources: Test Bank, PowerPoint Lecture Outlines, Solutions to Programming Activities in text, and Answers to the chapter exercises Also available: Java Illuminated: Brief Edition, Third Edition (ISBN-13: 978-1-4496-3202-1). This Brief Edition is suitable for the one-term introductory course.

Author: Julie Anderson

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