Java 9 Revealed: For Early Adoption and Migration

Preview the new Java 9 modules, SDK, JDK, JVM and more in this short early adopter book.  This book covers what's new in Java 9 and how to use some of these new features. Java 9 Revealed is for experienced Java programmers looking to make the migration from Java 7 or Java 8 to Java 9.What You'll LearnDiscover compiler control and what is new in the process API updatesWork with the new contended locking features in Java 9Use the modular source code JDK and Project Jigsaw, with implications for OpenJDKCarry out unified JVM logging, segmented code cache, and smart Java compilationsWork with HTML5 Javadoc and the lightweight JSON APIs for Java 9 and XMLWho This Book Is ForExperienced Java programmers and developers.

Author: Kishori Sharan

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