Java 9 Cookbook 1st Edition

Java is an object-oriented programming language. It is one of the most widely accepted languages because of its design and programming features, particularly in its promise that you can write a program once and run it anywhere.This cookbook offers a range of software development examples in simple and straightforward Java 9 code, providing step-by-step resources and time-saving methods to help you solve data problems efficiently. Starting with the installation of Java, each recipe addresses a specific problem, with a discussion that explains the solution and offers insight into how it works.We cover major concepts such as Project Jigsaw and various tools that will enable you to modularize your applications. You will learn new features in the form of recipes that will make your applications modular, secure, and fast.After reading this book, you will have a good understanding of how Java works and how it can be integrated with third-party technologies.What you will learnSet up JDK and know the differences in the JDK 9 installationImplement OO Designs using Classes and InterfacesManage operating system processesUnderstand the new modular JDK and modular programmingBuild graphical user interfaces using JavaFXUse the new HTTP Client APIGet to know about the new diagnostic features in Java 9See how to use the new jShell REPL toolTest your microservicesExecute ES6 compliant JavaScript code from your Java applicationsAbout the AuthorMohamed Sanaulla is a software Developer with 7 years of experience developing enterprise applications and Java-based back-end solutions for e-commerce applications.His interests include Enterprise software development, refactoring and redesigning applications, design and implementation of RESTful Web services, troubleshooting Java applications for performance issues, and TDD.He has strong expertise in Java-based application development, ADF (JSF-based JavaEE web framework), SQL, PL/SQL, JUnit, designing RESTful services, Spring, Struts, and MongoDB. He is also a Sun Certified Java Programmer for the Java 6 platform. He is one of the Moderators for for the past five years. He shares his thoughts, learnings and experiments on his blog sanaulla.infoNick Samoylov is a software Developer with 20 years of experience developing enterprise applications and highly scallable Java based solutions for e-commerce, telecommunication and aviation industry. His interests include Enterprise software development in all phases of development cycle - requirements gathering, design, implementation, support - and all tiers - front, middle and backend. He is Sun Certified Java Programmer and has professionally used many frameworks and technologies, the latest include: Java 8 (RxJava), REST, Linux, Vert.x, Elasticsearch, Grafana, Kibana, Hystrix, PostgreSQL, Machine Learning algorithms, MATLAB, SQL Server, WebServices, JavaScript, Spring MVC, Struts, HTML/DHTML, XML/XSL, Hibernate, Maven, Oracle.

Author: Nick Samoylov

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