Functional Java 9 with Lambdas – Second Edition

Functional Java 9 with Lambdas – Second Edition

Key FeaturesDiscover the new features of Java 9 that will help you apply functional programming techniques to your codeUnderstand functional programming concepts and how they differ from OOPWrite easy and maintainable code with lambda expressions and streamsBook DescriptionFunctional programming, a popular programming paradigm used to simplify many tasks, will help you write flexible and succinct code.The book starts with an introduction to the essential elements of functional programming as supported by Java 9. We will then move on to cover the types of function found in functional programming languages. You will the learn to use functional composition. Streams are an important addition to Java and the book will help you master this. We will then demonstrate recursion and the use and nature of monads. The concept of design patterns is as essential as the core topics and will be explained in detail. Refactoring, debugging, and testing are valuable tools in the development process. Finally, you will learn the best practices for Java 9.What you will learnUse lambda expressions to simplify codeUse function composition to achieve code fluencyApply streams to simple implementations and achieve parallelismIncorporate recursion to support an application's functionalityProvide more robust implementations using OptionalsImplement design patterns with less codeRefactor object-oriented code to create a functional solutionUse debugging and testing techniques specific to functional programsLearn the best practices and techniques for functional programming in Java 9About the AuthorSven Ruppert has been working with Java since 1996. He is the Head of Research & Development in Munich. In his spare time he speaks at international and national conferences, and writes for IT magazines and tech portals.Links to author profile

Author: Sven Ruppert

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