JAVA 8 Programming: Step by Step Java 8 Course Programming (Become an Expert) (Volume 1)

JAVA 8 Programming Step by Step Java 8 Course Programming This book is an in depth exploration of Java 8 programming. The book begins by exploring what the language is, when it was introduced and the new features which it introduced into the Java programming language. After that, the book guides you on how to set up the environment ready for programming as well as some of the alternative IDEs which are available for this purpose. Default methods in Java 8 are then explored and there is a guide on how you can implement these in interfaces. Static default methods and method references are discussed. After reading this book you will also know how to use multiple default methods in a program and you will know the different kind of methods which can be referenced by their names and how to do it. The Java 8 “Optional” class has also been explored in detail and this book will guide you on how to use the various methods associated with this class for checking values which are not available. This book covers the detail of the “Nashorn” Java engine and teaches you how to use the “jjs” command in interactive mode as well as how to pass arguments on it. The book will guide you on how to call Java while in Javascript and how to call Javascript while in Java. You will also know how to exhibit a single functionality by use of a functional interface. The following topics are discussed in this book: Definition Setting up the Environment Default methods in Java 8 Method References Optional class in Java 8 Nashorn Javascript engine Functional Interfaces in Java 8 Date Time API Lambda Expressions Streams Download your copy of " JAVA 8 Programming " by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1-Click" button.

Author: Daniel Perkins

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