Java 8 Programmer II Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-809

This is the print version of my online Java 8 Programmer II Study Guide. The exam for the Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer certification is hard. New APIs, lambdas, and streams, it covers a lot. But this book can help you. This book has complete coverage of the Java 8 SE Programmer II (1Z0-809) exam objectives. Each chapter presents the content in a simple and conversational style to facilitate the comprehension of the topics. You'll also find key points and sample questions at the end of each chapter to reinforce key concepts and prepare you for the real exam. Most study guides follow the topic structure of the certification exam. This book doesn't. The chapters are organized in a way I feel it's more natural to present the topics: Part One | Class Design One. Encapsulation and Immutable Classes Two. Inheritance and Polymorphism Three. Inner Classes Four. Interfaces Five. Enumerations Part Two | Generics and Collections Six. Generics Seven . . . Collections Part Three | Lambda Expressions Eight. Functional Interfaces Nine. Lambda Expressions Ten. Java Built-In Lambda Interfaces Eleven. Method References Part Four | Streams and Collections Twelve. Streams Thirteen. Iterating and Filtering Collections Fourteen. Optional Class Fifteen. Data Search Sixteen. Stream Operations on Collections Seventeen. Parallel Streams Eighteen. Peeking, Mapping, Reducing and Collecting Nineteen. Files and Streams Part Five | Exceptions and Assertions Twenty. Exceptions Twenty-one. Assertions Part Six | Date/Time API Twenty-two. Core Date/Time Classes Twenty-three. Time Zones and Daylight Savings Part Seven | Java I/O Twenty-four. Java I/O Fundamentals Twenty-five. NIO.2 Part Eight | Concurrency Twenty-six. Thread Basics Twenty-seven. Concurrency Twenty-eight. Fork/Join Framework Part Nine | JDBC and Localization Twenty-nine. JDBC API Thirty. Localization

Author: Esteban Herrera

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