Imbibing Java Web Services: A Step by Step Approach for Learning Web Services

Imbibing Java Web Services book illustrates the use of Java Web service technologies. This book provides a Step-by-Step approach for developing Web Services to all levels of Java developers. This book covers the Web services technology standards such as XML processing techniques (SAX, DOM and StAX), Dom4j, SOAP, SAAJ, JAX-WS, WSDL, developing soap-based web services using CXF, Spring, Axis2 and developing non- soap-based web services using REST. It contains 60 diagrams, approximately 100 Java programs for a better understanding of the topics and it provides 60 objective type questions to assess your knowledge and help in understanding of the topic. The following topics are covered in this book. Introduction JAXP (SAX, DOM, StAX) Dom4j JAX-RS (Restful Web Services) SOAP SAAJ WSDL JAX-WS Apache-CXF Apache-Axis2 Spring-WS Tools, Ant Scripts and Deployment

Author: Srinivas Mudunuri

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