Hello, Scala: A swift introduction to a scalable programming language

In his latest book, Alvin Alexander, author of the Scala Cookbook and Functional Programming, Simplified, brings you a swift introduction to the Scala programming language.In a little over 200 fast-paced pages, Mr. Alexander demonstrates that Scala is a beautiful, modern, expressive programming language. The book is broken down into 56 short chapters to help you easily find what you need. Lessons include:- An introduction to Scala’s two types of variables, `val` and `var`- Scala control structures, including powerful `for` expressions and `match` expressions- An overview of Scala collections classes and methods- Object-oriented programming (OOP), including features of Scala classes and methods- Functional programming (FP), including pure functions, using functions as variables, case classes, match expressions, functional error handling, and more- Modular programming with traits- How to build Scala projects with SBT- How to write TDD and BDD unit tests with ScalaTest- Programming concurrency with Akka actors and Scala futuresTo help get you started with Scala as fast as possible, the book shares many source code examples, including several open source Github projects that you can run immediately.All examples in the book have been written with the latest Scala release (version 2.12), and represent 2018’s “best practices” for Scala programming.

Author: Alvin Alexander

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