Hands-On Full-Stack Development with Spring 5 and React: Build Modern and Scalable Full Stack applications

Develop efficient and modern Full Stack applications using Spring Boot and ReactKey FeaturesDevelop resourceful backends using Spring Boot and faultless frontends using React.Explore the techniques involved in creating a full stack app by going through a methodical approach.Learn to add CRUD functionalities and use Material UI in the user interface to make it more user-friendly.Book DescriptionApart from knowing how to write front-end and server-end code, a full-stack engineer has to tackle all the problems that are encountered in the application development lifecycle, starting from a simple idea to UI design, technical design, and all the way to implementing, testing, production deployment and monitoring. This book covers the full set of technologies that you need to know to become a full-stack web developer with Spring Boot for the backend and React for the frontend.This comprehensive guide demonstrates how to build up a modern full stack app in practice. This book will teach you how to build REST API endpoints and work with the Data Access Layer of Spring using Hibernate as the ORM. As we move ahead, you will be introduced to the other components of Spring such as Spring Security that will teach you how to secure the backend and also how to test it. Then, we will move on to the frontend where you will be introduced to React- a modern JavaScript library for building fast and reliable user interfaces and its app development environment and components. We will also create a Docker container from our application. Finally, the book will lay out the best practices that underpin professional full-stack web development.By the end of this book, you will master the process of full stack development by leveraging the power of Spring boot and ReactWhat you will learnLearn how to create a RESTful Web Service with Spring Boot.Understand how to use React for front-end programming.Gain knowledge of how to create unit tests using JUnit.Discover the techniques that go into securing the Backend using Spring Security.Learn how to use Material UI in the user interface to make it more user-friendlyLearn to create a React app by using Create React App starter kit made by Facebook.Who This Book Is ForJava developers who are familiar with Spring, but have not built full-stack applications at all.

Author: Mr. Juha Hinkula

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