Getting Started With TestNG: A Java Test Framework (Practical How To Selenium Tutorials) (Volume 4)

You Must Read This Book If Your Are Ready To Learn The Most Powerful Test Framework TestNG is a Test Framework for Java Note: Book available on your tablet, phone, PDF, PC, Mac, and paperback. You will find details of downloading the PDF document inside the book. 3 Tips To Master Selenium Within 30 Days Copy and paste this URL into your browser to receive your tips Did You Know A Test Framework Joins The Programming And Testing Components Of Automation? Java Is The Most Popular Programming Language And TestNG Is The Most Powerful Test Framework Do you know how automation includes programming and testing? Getting Started With TestNG shows how Test Frameworks facilitate the process of automation. There is a reason why TestNG stands for Test Next Generation. Why Next Generation? TestNG is the next generation because it is powerful and designed for automation engineers who use Java. A combination of Java the most popular programming language and TestNG the most powerful test framework is dynamite. Target Audience: Readers with knowledge of Java programming Readers with knowledge of Selenium WebDriver Don’t Miss Out! You Need To Read This Book So You Can Learn: ✓ Difference Between Test Frameworks and Automation Design Frameworks ✓ How To Install TestNG ✓ How To Perform Dependency Testing ✓ How To Perform Data Driven Testing ✓ How To Perform Cross Browser Testing ✓ TestNG Annotations ✓ TestNG Assertions Scroll Up and Order Your Copy

Author: Rex Allen Jones II

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