Getting started with Spring Framework: covers Spring 5

PDF version of this book is now available: 1 of this book is now available online: 4th Edition reflects changes to Spring 5, and includes new chapters on Functional and Reactive application development. Reactive application development chapters cover Reactive Streams specification, RxJava 2, Reactor, Spring WebFlux, and reactive support in Spring Data and Spring Security. The examples (consisting of 88 sample projects) that accompany this book are based on Spring 5.0.1 and Java 9. You can download the examples described in this book from the following GitHub project: This book covers: - Spring Framework basics - Aspect-oriented programming - Database interaction using Spring and Hibernate/JPA - Spring Data JPA - Spring Data MongoDB - Messaging, emailing and caching support - Spring Web MVC - Developing RESTful web services using Spring Web MVC - Functional programming using lambdas and method references - Stream API - Reactive programming using RxJava 2 and Reactor - Spring WebFlux - Reactive support in Spring Data MongoDB and Spring Security - Developing reactive RESTful web services using Spring WebFlux, Spring Security and Spring Data MongoDB

Author: J Sharma

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