Getting started with Spring Framework: a hands-on guide to begin developing applications using Spring Framework

Getting started with Spring Framework is a hands-on guide to begin developing applications using Spring Framework. The examples (consisting of 74 sample projects) that accompany this book are based on Spring 4.3 and Java 8. You can download the examples described in this book from the following GitHub book is meant for Java developers with little or no knowledge of Spring Framework. Getting started with Spring Framework, Third Edition has been updated to reflect changes in Spring 4.3 and also includes new chapters on Java-based configuration and Spring Data (covers Spring Data JPA and Spring Data MongoDB projects).The existing chapters have been revised to include information on Java-based configuration. The book also includes some new information on bean definition profiles, importing application context XML files, lazy autowiring, creating custom qualifier annotations, JSR 349 annotations, spring-messaging module, Java 8's Optional type, and so on.Chapter 1 - Introduction to Spring FrameworkChapter 2 - Spring Framework basicsChapter 3 - Configuring beansChapter 4 - Dependency injectionChapter 5 - Customizing beans and bean definitionsChapter 6 - Annotation-driven development with SpringChapter 7 - Java-based container configuration (New)Chapter 8 - Database interaction using SpringChapter 9 - Spring Data (New)Chapter 10 - Messaging, emailing, asynchronous method execution, and caching using SpringChapter 11 - Aspect-oriented programmingChapter 12 - Spring Web MVC basicsChapter 13 - Validation and data binding in Spring Web MVCChapter 14 - Developing RESTful web services using Spring Web MVCChapter 15 - More Spring Web MVC - internationalization, file upload and asynchronous request processingChapter 16 - Securing applications using Spring SecurityThis book covers: - Specifying configuration metadata using XML and annotations - Programmatically configuring Spring container and beans - Configuring different types of bean properties - Bean lifecycle interfaces - Customizing beans using BeanPostProcessors and BeanFactoryPostProcessors - Bean definition inheritance - Java-based container configuration- JSR 250's and 330's annotations for dependency injection - Validation using JSR 303/349 (Bean Validation API) annotations and Spring's Validator interface - SpEL (Spring Expression Language) - Caching using Spring's cache abstraction - Sending and receiving JMS messages using Spring - Aspect-oriented programming support in Spring - Sending emails using Spring - Asynchronously executing methods using Spring - Task scheduling - Database interaction using JDBC and Hibernate - Programmatic and declarative transaction management - Spring Data JPA and Spring Data MongoDB- Spring Web MVC - Developing RESTful Web Services using Spring - Spring Security The book shows a simple internet banking application that is developed incrementally in each chapter of the book and covers the topics mentioned above. You can post your questions and feedback on the following Google group:!forum/getting-started-with-spring-framework

Author: J Sharma

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