Getting started with Java programming language: a hands-on guide to begin developing Java programs

New to Java programming language ? Getting started with Java programming language is a hands-on guide to begin developing programs using Java and Eclipse IDE. This book is meant for students and professionals with little or no knowledge of Java. The book contains hands-on excercises, quizzes and 30 sample projects.The examples that accompany this book are based on Java 8. You can download the examples (consisting of 30 sample projects) discussed in this book from the following Google Drive location: 1 - Hello World!Chapter 2 - Variables, data types and operatorsChapter 3 - Control flow statementsChapter 4 - Objects, classes and methodsChapter 5 - Packages, access modifiers, static and this keywordsChapter 6 - Object-oriented programming conceptsChapter 7 - Abstract classes and interfacesChapter 8 - Exception handlingChapter 9 - Arrays, immutability, recursive methods and wrapper classes

Author: J Sharma

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