Easy Learning Java: Java for Beginner’s Guide

Have you always wanted to learn computer programming but are afraid it'll be too difficult for you? Or perhaps you know other programming languages but are interested in learning the Java language fast?You no longer have to waste your time and money trying to learn Java from boring books, expensive online courses or complicated Java tutorials that just leave you more confused and frustrated. The complexity of life, because they do not understand to simplify the complex, to simplify the complexity, simple is the beginning of wisdom. From the essence of practice, to briefly explain the concept, and vividly cultivate programming interest, this book deeply analyzes Java object-oriented programming, combined with the use of scene interpretation in practice, to experience the fun of programming.1. Java JDK installation2. Eclipse installation 3. Basic concepts of Java 3.1 HelloWorld detailed explanation 3.2 Identifier 3.3 Variable 3.4 Basic data types 3.5 Constant 3.6 Data type conversion4. Java Operators 4.1 Arithmetic operator 4.2 Assignment operator 4.3 Relational operator 4.4 Logical Operators 4.5 Trinocular Operator5. Java Statement 5.1 If statements 5.2 Switch statement 5.3 While loop statement 5.4 Do while loop 5.5 For loop statement6. Java array 6.1 One-dimensional array 6.2 One-dimensional array append element 6.3 One-dimensional array remove elements 6.4 Bubble sorting algorithm 6.5 Two-dimensional array 6.6 Examples: Minesweeper7. Java Object-Oriented 7.1 Encapsulation 7.2 Methods Encapsulation7.3 Construction method 7.4 Method overload 7.5 Passed by reference 7.6 Static keyword 7.7 Code block 7.8 Inheritance7.9 Method override 7.10 abstract class 7.11 instanceof 7.12 interface 7.13 final 7.14 enum 7.15 Polymorphism 7.16 Polymorphic Example 7.17 Internal class 7.18 Static internal class 7.19 Basic data wrap class 7.20 Anonymous inner class 7.21 packageMore and so on...

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