Design and Implement Servlets, JSPs, and EJBs for IBM WebSphere Application Server (IBM Redbook)

This IBM redbook provides design guidelines for developing e-business applications based on servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) technologies. The guidelines are based on WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition. The redbook describes the concepts of workload balancing through the use of a network dispatcher and clones of the Application Server. The redbook proposes a design of Web applications based on design patterns, such as the model-view-controller paradigm and the command framework. In this context, the usage of enterprise beans, including access beans, associations, and collections is explored in detail, and a set of EJB-based design patterns is described. Part 1, "Choosing appropriate Web technollogies" provides guidelines on how to design specific components of an application. It also explains why and when a designer should move business logic from JavaBeans to a more powerful technology like Enterprise JavaBeans. Part 2, "Design patterns and guidelines" is a set of design patterns for building e-business applications. Readers can use the information directly from a chapter and apply it in their own designs.

Author: IBM Redbooks

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