Data Science with Java: Practical Methods for Scientists and Engineers

A good data scientist knows how to do something really well, but a great data scientist can do "something of everything." From raw data all the way to shining in front of C-level executives, a great data scientist has the skills to architect data systems, build applications, perform modeling and machine learning and wrap up the results in a clear (and quickly iterable) manner. From data models to ETL to databases to distributed algorithms and learning, this book has you covered.While many resources for Java (and data science) exist, none of them combine the two, and especially not at a level where sophisticated concepts are demonstrated clearly and in simplest terms. Data Science with Java marries the two in a practical way.Learn an extremely practical set of tools for creating enterprise grade data science applicationsGet past the intimidating barrier to machine learning and statistics—and learn how useful object-oriented code can be

Author: Michael R. Brzustowicz

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