Are you preparing for technical interviews? Do you know the number one cause of people failing to crack interviews is lack of preparation?Though coding is still the major part of technical interviews, companies these days are including atleast one system design question to check the expertise of the candidate in designing large scale systems. For example :- careers page of facebook clearly mentions there will be one round of system design interview. Sample questions will be like "Design Twitter" or "Design an e-commerce website like amazon".So, How do you prepare to tackle such tough questions in interviews?Unfortunately, there are no good resources to learn system design. Part of it comes through practical experience and part of it from understanding various architectures and tradeoffs. Added to that, in most cases there wont be a single solution to the problem. Depending on the conversation and interviewer, interview can go in any direction and may go deep into certain areas. So, it makes preparing for system design interviews very challenging.This book is written primarily to help candidates get ready for the system design interview in short period of time. It provides step-by-step approach ( 10 steps ) to navigate through any system design interview effortlessly. It also provides guidance on how to design each layer of software systems like Storage Layer, Cache Layer, Application Layer, Web Layer, Client Layer etc. It covers topics like High-Availability, Scalability, Consistency that are important properties of any software system. It also provides sample solutions for designing write-heavy systems like dropbox and read-heavy systems like twitter. Check it out.All the best. Happy interviewing.


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