Core JSP

*The experienced developer's guide to JavaServer Pages development! * Database access, XML support, JavaBean integration, and much more * Architecting JSP applications for maximum performance and maintainability * Includes several complete sample JSP applications such as an authentication framework, an email tag library, and a Database-to-XML/XSL conversion tool Sun's JavaServer Pages technology gives developers a powerful cross-platform solution for dynamic Web application development without the drawbacks of previous approaches. In Core JSP, two leading enterprise developers show experienced developers exactly how to make the most of JSP technology—for database integration, XML applications, session tracking, and many other purposes. From coding fundamentals to effective JSP program design, you'll find it here—along with real-world sample code for HTML calendars, JNDI applications, LDAP-based authentication JavaBeansTM, database search forms, and more! * Make the most of scriptlets, expressions, declarations, actions and directives * Get under the hood with Sun's JSP engine: multithreading, persistence, implicit objects, and more * Understand JSP requests and responses—in depth * Track sessions and data: hidden frames and form fields, cookies, URL rewriting, and the HttpSession API * Integrate databases: JDBCTM, SQL, metadata, connection pooling, and more * Creating custom JSP actions (custom tags) * Optimize the performance of your JSP pages Every Core Series book: * DEMONSTRATES how to write commercial quality code * FEATURES dozens of nontrivial programs and examples—no toy code! * FOCUSES on the features and functions most important to real developers * PROVIDES objective, unbiased coverage of cutting-edge technologies—no hype! Core JSP delivers: * Practical insights for transforming dynamic web pages into full-fledged web applications * Hands-on coverage of integrating JSP and XML * Expert JavaBean Action techniques for integrating JavaBean business logic with JSP presentation logic * Extensive code examples—including several complete sample applications

Author: Damon Hougland

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