Continuous Delivery in Java: Essential Tools and Best Practices for Deploying Code to Production

With the release of Java 8 and the availability of web/microservice frameworks such as Spring Boot, there's never been a better time to design and implement Java-powered applications. But Java is only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to continuously delivering working applications to a production environment.This practical book charts the journey for establishing the practices and tooling to develop, operate and use a continuous delivery build pipeline for Java applications that will be deployed to a production such as Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, and other cloud-based services. Each chapter focuses on a key practice within continuous delivery, and outlines appropriate tooling and describes how this should be utilized.Understand the process of continuous delivery, and how this impacts a Java application developerDevelop a deeper understanding of core continuous delivery topics, and learn high-level tooling optionsLearn how to implement tooling choices, such as integrating a Jenkins server into the application delivery process, and unit testing effectively with JUnit and other options

Author: Daniel Bryant

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