Cloud Native Development Cookbook: Practical solutions for building modern distributed cloud native systems

Master over 90 recipes to help you deliver complete, scalable, microservice-based cloud native applications and deliver customer needsKey FeaturesDevelop cloud-native apps that dynamically scale to handle virtually any volume of data, traffic, or usersBuild your complete cloud native architecture using different recipes for different solutionsIdentify appropriate tools for specific scenarios and deliver immediate business results, correlate use cases, and adopt them development environmentBook DescriptionCloud-native development is a modern approach to building and running applications that leverages the merits of the cloud computing model. With cloud-native development, applications can be delivered faster and in a more agile way than traditional applications.This recipe based guide will provide you quick solutions to your cloud native application development. This book will show you how the cloud, microservices, event-driven-architecture and automation come together to facilitate the continuous delivery of innovation to customers.You will begin with a brief introduction to the cloud native development environment and then start building infrastructure for your cloud native application. From here, we will move into recipes that will take you through the microservice application development. You will understand the tools involved in your cloud native application development. Going forward, this book will cover recipes that will take you through event driven and ascynch communication, caching, data services, and more. We will look at how to perform data management tasks such as working with relational and NoSQL data store, distributed data caching, event sourcing and so on. Later chapters give insights on implementing Cloud native development on popular cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCE through various solutions while deploying your app on Docker and EC2 containers. You will be working on various application requirements like security, testing, logging, monitoring through various recipes.By the end of the book, you will be able to apply skills in your cloud native environment to meet your clients expectations.What you will learnEstablish infrastructure and perform cloud load balancing using Netflix EurekaPerform synchronous and asynchronous service-calls in your cloud native applicationsContainerize your cloud based microservice using DockerManage data using various techniques such as caching, Messaging, Event sourcingImplement authorization and authentication on service levelRun your services on AWS, Azure and GCEDeploy a test environment for your microservices using Teraform and AnsibleWho This Book Is ForThis book is for developers who would like to get some quick solutions to their common programming problems with Cloud Native development. Basic knowledge of the cloud native architecture and basic programming knowledge is assumed.

Author: Karsten Samaschke

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