Building Android UIs with Custom Views

Key FeaturesCreate your first Android view from scratch and moveove beyond the default Android built in viewsEnable smooth data flow and create futuristic UIs by creating flexible custom viewsScale your apps with responsive and data intensive views. Book DescriptionThis book will help you to get the best out of your apps by creating, customizing android views from scratch. You will start by creating your first android view and go through the design considerations. You will then see how the right choices will enable your view to perform seamlessly across multiple platforms and android versions. You will then create custom styleable attributes that work with Android XML layouts, learn to send accessibility events, define custom attributes, add properties and events. You will then implement scalability attributes to your app that will help you to increase the scope and reach of your app as it grows popularity.By the end of this book, you will be able to create apps with efficient custom views that are responsive and adaptable to huge data traffic making your app an instant hit among the users.What you will learnExtend the standard UI widget framework by creating Custom viewsAdd complex rendering, animations and interactions to your viewsOptimize the performance and increase the battery usageImplement custom views to share it between multiple projects or share it publiclyCreate 3D custom views using OpenGL ESAbout the AuthorRaimon Ràfols is a software engineer currently living in the Barcelona area. He has been working on mobile devices since the early stages, ranging from monochrome devices to the current smartphones. In all these years, he worked in several areas: B2C/B2E/B2B apps, portals, and mobile gaming. Due to this broad experience, he has expertise in many technologies and, especially in UI, build systems, and client-server communications.He is currently working as an engineering manager at AXA Group Solutions in Barcelona, taking care of all the engineering and development processes, mobile application quality, and leading a small R&D team. In the past, he has worked abroad for Imagination Technologies near London and for Service2Media in the Netherlands.In his spare time, he enjoys taking part in hackathons, photography, and speaking at conferences. Raimon has won more than 40 international awards, including AngelHack Barcelona 2015, Facebook World Hack Barcelona, and he has secured the 2nd place at js1k 2016. He has been speaking about Java/Android performance and bytecode, Android custom views, and entrepreneurship in several conferences around the world.In addition, Raimon is the co-author of Learning Android Application Development, also published by Packt.

Author: Raimon Ràfols

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