Natural Language Processing with Java – Second Edition

Natural Language Processing with Java – Second Edition

Key FeaturesUnderstand data hidden in text using the power of Java and natural language processingFind data, patterns, and gain interesting insights from language using this easy-to-follow bookGet all the information to get up and running with natural language processing using this example-rich guideBook DescriptionNatural language processing allows taking any sentence and identify patterns, soecial names, company names, and such parts. This book will teach how to perform language analysis with the help of amazing libraries in Java and get insights from this analysis.You will start off with understanding how natural language processing works and various concepts in it. Followed by this, you will learn about important tools and libraries in Java for NLP. After this, you will directly dive into performing natural language processing on different inputs. You will learn things such as tokenization, finind entities, model training, parts of speech, parsing trees,a nd more. You will also learn about machine learning and corpus based methods and algorithms. Also, you will learn about statistical machine translation, summarization, dialog systems, complex searches, supervised and unsupervised NLP, and more.What you will learnDevelop a deep understanding of the basic NLP tasks and how they relate to each otherDiscover and use the available tokenization enginesImplement techniques for end of sentence detectionApply search techniques to find people and things within a documentConstruct solutions to identify parts of speech within sentencesUse parsers to extract relationships between elements of a documentIdentify topics in a set of documentsIntegrate basic tasks to tackle more complex NLP problems

Author: Bostjan Kaluza

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