Java EE 8 Cookbook

Java EE 8 Cookbook

Key FeaturesRecipes to to get you up and running with Java EE 8 application developmentLearn how to apply the major Java EE 8 APIs and specificationsImplement microservices and Reactive programming with Java EE 8Book DescriptionJava EE is a collection of technologies and APIs to support Enterprise Application development. The choice and complexity of what to use and when can be daunting for any developer.This book will help you along the path. Packed with easy to follow recipes, it will be your guide to becoming productive with Java EE 8.You will begin by seeing the latest features of Java EE 8, including the major Java EE 8 APIs and specifications such as JSF 2.3, and CDI 2.0, and what they mean for you.You will use the new features of Java EE 8 to implement web-based services for your client applications. You will then learn to process the Model and Streaming APIs using JSON-P and JSON-B and will learn to use the Java Lambdas support offered in JSON-P. There are more recipes to fine tune your RESTful development, and you will learn about the Reactive enhancements offered by the JAX-RS 2.1 specification.Later on, you will learn about the role of multithreading in your enterprise applications and how to integrate them for transaction handling. This is followed by implementing microservices with Java EE and the advancements made by Java EE for cloud computing.The final set of recipes show you how take advantage of the latest security features and authenticating your enterprise application.What you will learnActionable information on the new features of Java EE 8Using the most important API’s with real and working codeBuilding server side applications, web services and web applicationsDeploy and managing your application using the most important Java EE serversBuilding and deploying microservices using Java EE 8Building reactive application by joining Java EE API’s and core Java featuresMoving your application to the cloud using containersPractical ways to improve your projects and career through community involvementAbout the AuthorElder Moraes has been working with application development since 1999. Since a couple of years ago he has been focusing his career on helping Java EE developers on building and delivering secure, fast and available applications, so they could be able to work on great projects.Passionate about systems architecture and server side development, he shares his experience thru online content and international events like JavaOne, The Developers Conference, Campus Party and Oracle Code.He started working with Java since 2002 and never stopped. Thru the years he developed applications for a varied industries, from logistics to finances, from legal to human resources. He even went into a journey of mobile development, creating some Android and iOS applications.Currently he runs the blog "Java EE Next" where he shares Java EE focused content viewed by thousands of people every month. He is also the creator of the project "Java EE 8 - The Next Frontier" where he interviewed the top Java EE experts in the world the get the most fresh and valuable news from this release before anyone.He lives in Brazil with his wife, Erica, and his daughter, Rebeca.

Author: Elder Moraes

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