Beginning JSP 2.0

JavaServer Pages (JSP) is an established and popular technology for building dynamic web applications that can access databases and provide an interactive experience for your website's users. This book uses the new version of JSP – JSP 2.0 – which makes JavaServer Pages more powerful and much easier to program. In this book you'll learn how the web works and how JSP fits in, how to get input from the user and create web pages "on the fly", and how JavaBeans, components, and tag libraries allow you to make your code more readable and easier to maintain. The book also covers how to handle errors in your code, the best ways of designing web applications, and finishes with a comprehensive case study that builds a browser-based project management tool easily adaptable to many businesses. JSP is built on top of the Java programming language, so this book will additionally teach you the fundamentals of Java alongside JSP itself.

Author: Ben Galbraith

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