Beginning Java Databases: JDBC, SQL, J2EE, EJB, JSP, XML

Java has evolved into a robust, high performance programming language that is well suited to a range of different environments, be it on a middle tier Application Server or a client browser. Regardless of the architecture of your application you are using, it will almost certainly need to make use of data that is stored in some form of database. Relational databases are the data store of choice in the vast majority of businesses, and have also evolved enormously over the recent years, into powerful and feature-rich data management systems. This book aims to teach you how to use these two powerful technologies to build successful Java database applications. You will find out how relational databases work and how you can use them in your Java programs, through the JDBC interface. You will see how to apply your new skills in an enterprise environment and by the end will be building sophisticated web-enabled Java database applications that incorporate other technologies, such as XML. This book covers: Using the JDBC API to build database-driven Java applications Introduction to new JDBC 3.0 features SQL and relational database design Object-relational mapping frameworks and techniques Debugging your application and logging its activities Applying Java and JDBC skills in a J2EE environment Integrating XML into you Java database applications

Author: Kevin Mukhar

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