Angular2 Pocket Primer

This book provides an introduction to Angular 2 application development, independent of any exposure to Angular 1.x, intended for beginners who want to develop Web applications. Readers will learn how to create applications with various UI Controls, how to create custom components, and how to handle mouse-related events. It illustrates how to create Angular 2 applications containing SVG, D3, and GSAP. It also covers Angular 2 applications that use Flux, Redux, Relay, and GraphQL. The final chapter covers mobile application development, delving into Ionic 2, Angular 2 with NativeScript, and React Native with Angular 2. Includes companion files with source code and color figures from the bookFeatures:•Contains a chapter with SVG, D3, and GSAP graphics•Includes companion files with all of the source code and figures from the book•Contains examples using Http, Observables, multiple concurrent requests with forkJoin(), and how to combine Promises and Observables in the same application•Contains a chapter that introduces Flux, Redux, Relay, and GraphQL•Contains code samples of Angular 2 with Express applications that use Mongo•Contains a chapter for mobile application development

Author: Oswald Campesato

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