Angular 2 UI Development – Second Edition

Key FeaturesLearn how to build and architect high performance web applications by mainly focusing on the UILearn how to implement the latest JavaScript concepts in ECMAScript 2015, ECMAScript 2016 and TypeScriptLeverage the latest Angular 2 features to get the most out of your JavaScript applicationsBook DescriptionAngular 2 is modern web application development framework. It is dramatically faster than Angular 1 in all aspects. It’s simpler and easy to learn compared to Angular 1 and is also futuristic. It uses the latest upcoming JavaScript features, and is still a very flexible framework that lets you write apps in ES5 (the current version of JavaScript) or ES6/ES2015 (the future version of JavaScript) or TypeScript (the Typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript) or any language that can be compiled into JavaScript. Its component-based application development makes it easy to build very complex UI applications.This book will take you from a basic understanding of web and mobile application development to mastering it.This book starts with basic of Angular 2 web application development. It shows you how to dedicatedly build an end-to-end conference management application using the individual Angular 2 features explained in previous chapters. Along with covering framework, it will also explain how to structure complex applications and give you some best practices to follow. The final chapters explain how to build one end-to-end application to apply the teaching by actually implementing, testing, and deploying the app. At the end, it explains how to test your app and prepare for deployment, and shows you some third-party frameworks based on Angular 2.What you will learnFamiliarize yourself with the new component-based model to build Angular 2 appsUnderstand the concepts of components, data binding, event binding, and new templating syntaxesUnderstand Google’s material design and how to use Angular 2 material design componentsBuild forms to capture and validate user input using model-driven and template-driven approachesSee how to make sleek and appealing animationsGrasp the concepts of routing, services, and directives, and set up and use the firebase backend in Angular 2 appsFind out how to architect and build a Conference Management Application using Angular 2 conceptsDiscover how to test Angular 2 apps using tools such as Protractor, how to deploy the apps, and third-party frameworks such as Ionic.Understand how to migrate your existing AngularJS 1 applications to Angular 2.About the AuthorShravan Kumar Kasagoni is developer, gadget freak, technology evangelist, blogger, speaker, author, and storyteller. He is currently working as a Senior Development Engineer with Pramati Technologies (my current company might change next month). He is responsible for the design and development of RESTful APIs, and single page web applications using the latest front-end web technologies.Prior to Pramati Technologies, he worked with Thomson Reuters. He is a core member of Microsoft User Group Hyderabad and he also actively contributes to the open source community. He was awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) from Microsoft continuously for the past 5 years (2012-2016).

Author: Shravan Kumar Kasagoni

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