Mastering Java EE Development with WildFly 10

Mastering Java EE Development with WildFly 10

Key FeaturesMaster Java EE development with the latest WildFly 10 application server.Integrate with JSF and JMS and use efficient load balancing techniques to create real-time appsIntegrate your backend JavaScript code seamlessly into Java applications Book DescriptionDo you want to create real-time highly scalable Java applications with the latest WildFly application Server? Then this book is the ideal choice for you.It will take you into a deep dive into using all the WildFly assets and APIs to create state of the art Java applications.The book begins by showing how to get started with both a native and cloud installation of WildFly. After setting up the development environment, you will implement and work with different WildFly features like implementing Java Server pages, using clustering and load balancing so that your apps can handle a high volume of data traffic. You will work with enterprise Java Beans, solve issues related to failover, implement Java Message Services integration. While building the application, you will also work with Java Naming and Directory Interface, Java Transaction API, and caching. You will use ActiveMQ for message relay and message querying. This book will also show you how you can use your existing backend JavaScript code into your application.By the end of the book, you’ll have gained the knowledge to implement the latest Wildfly features in your Java applications.What you will learnConfigure the development environment along with native and cloud installation of WildFlyWrite a DB schema and the relative entities and how to use the relationships between the entitiesAnalyze with examples all the java annotations to manage the EJB and the configuration to get better performancesWrite different REST services through the EJBImplement Web sockets 1.0 and know why and when use the web socketsWork with Active MQ and write JMS clients to manage the authentication and authorization in the clientsConfigure the mail server through the wildfly consoleLearn how and when to use a new feature JAX-RS 2.0, which is the asynchronous call through RESTUse the new JSF features of Wildfly 10 such as Mojarra 2.2, JSF 2.2, Richfaces 4.5About the AuthorLuca Stancapiano is a Java EE expert consultant since the 2000. He collaborates with italian and english consultant companies as Sourcesense and K-tech.He collaborates in the opensource world specially in the JBoss, Apache and Alfresco communities as committer and he helps to maintain products as Wildfly, Alfresco ECM, JGroups, Solr, Infinispan, Activiti.He manages an opensource community ( working for different products in his github repository ( as Rubia Forums, a Java EE application forum , Air Reservations to reserve airplane bookings and Albo Pretorio, a CMS to manage the administrative government documents.He is one of the authors of Gatein Cookbook (, a book that shows Gatein, the portlet framework of the Exo community, published by Packt.

Author: Luca Stancapiano

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