Advanced Concurrency in Java

We will see the patterns, how things can go wrong, and how to deal with the situation. This book is divided into below mentioned modules. Introducing the Executor Pattern, Futures and CallablesUsing Locks and Semaphores for the Producer / Consumer PatternControlling Concurrent Applications Using Barriers and LatchesUnderstanding Compare and Swap (CASing) and Atomic VariablesLeveraging Concurrent Collections to Simplify Application DesignIf you follow me, at the end of this book, you will have a good idea of the ExecutorService Patterns and callables, and futures, what is interruptible or timed out lock acquisition, what are logs, semaphores, barriers, and latches, and what is CASing, and atomic variables. And at last, we will see the concurrent collections, copy and write release, concurrent hashmaps, and concurrent skip lists. But before you move on, you would like to be familiar with the Java language and the collection API. You also need some knowledge of concurrency and be able to write basic lambda expressions. Yes, this is an ambitious ride, but don't be afraid. Just let me guide you through all this, and you will see that from the other side, concurrencies, in fact, not that scary.

Author: Ajay Kumar

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