A Developer’s Guide To Database Management Systems: Using Oracle 10g RDBMS

‘A Developer’s Guide to Database Management Systems’ is meant to cater to the needs of young readers and professionals who are beginning their career in Oracle Database Programming. The book assumes that the readers posses Fundamental Computer knowledge and Explains Oracle Database Programming right from the basics. The book is divided into two parts: Part 1 - Oracle: SQL – Providing Insights into Querying & Working with Database using SQL Statements. Part 2 - Oracle: PL/SQL Programming - Covering all essentials of PL/SQL Programming. The Target Audience for this book would include: • University Students Pursuing Graduate & Post Graduate Programs in Computers, IT & MIS. • Individuals Pursuing Oracle Database Certifications. • Working IT Professionals Seeking to update and enhance their knowledge of Oracle Databases.

Author: Dr. Sarfaraz Fayaz Khan

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