A Developer’s Approach to Learning Java: Read, Write, and Problem Solve Using Test-Driven Development: Labs Interleaved

This book is designed to teach beginners how to program in Java. Beyond teaching the basics of Java, it focuses on how to use state-of-the-art techniques to solve real-world problems. Readers will gain expertise by following a progression of practical examples that lead the reader through three distinct phases. Phase 1 explains how to read Java code. The reader watches code execute in the Eclipse debugger and learns to predict the behavior that various Java constructs cause. Phase 2 introduces JUnit tests to practice writing code using the primary Java constructs. Phase 3 progresses to real-world problem solving using test-driven development (TDD). Written with a friendly tone, this book covers the normal introductory programming material with a unique approach. Concepts are presented in a progressively detailed format. Readers will quickly be able to understand complete basic Java programs. Later, as they learn more complex details, they will re-visit coding topics, applying the more advanced concepts to building new, more advanced programs. Each chapter contains a lab that not only reinforces the material, but also develops the reader’s ability to think independently and use development tools in the same way that developers working in the software industry use them.

Author: Carol A. Wellington

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